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Grow Your Air From Good to Great.

After more than 20 years of development and technological innovation, we provide customers with the best quality products and customized product solutions, constantly innovating and enhancing user experience to create maximum value for our customers.

State level high-tech enterprise. Initially founded in 1998, focusing on indoor air quality control field for 23 years, has served the top5 industry customers in every country in the world.

What We Offer For You

At present, the company has the domestic leading production equipment, standard production line, equipped with whole house fresh air purification system, plant area of 30,000 square meters

25 years of experience in developing complete solutions based on customer needs.

Professional sample making department and R&D department constantly develop new products.

We offer comprehensive financial planning and support for payment methods

Each of our products undergoes 3 one-on-one tests before leaving the factory to ensure the passing rate of our products.

We provide insurance to every product and offer perfect after-sales service. We also provide good bank payment service to our suppliers.

We have extensive experience in the industry and can provide extensive data support to help our clients grow.

Filtech Help Them To Solve Their Problems.

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Meet Our Expert Members

The developer of technical standards for air equipment used in schools by the Ministry of Education


Irene Yan


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Jackson Jin


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